So, 30.08.2020
Molotow Must Stay
*** Let's fight together for Molotow: ***

Dear Molotow friends, music lovers and party people,

Molotow is a music venue in Hamburg, St.Pauli. Since 1990, Molotow has been hosting national and international artists, as well as Indie & Rock parties. Many bands, such as Mumford & Sons, Billy Talent, Mando Diao, The White Stripes and The Hives played one of their first shows in Hamburg here at Molotow. Annually, Molotow hosts around 350 bands, which makes the venue one of the most influential clubs in Germany and is known worldwide.

The consequences and regulations due to the Corona Virus hit us very hard. We planned to have a spring full of concerts, warm night outs and amazing parties, which we all had to cancel. Molotow is currently empty, all the concerts and parties only take place in your living room and we miss busy nights in our venue a lot. In order to be able to dance until the sun rises, drink beer and enjoy concerts, we need your support and ask you for your donation.

Since the whole situation is so uncertain, we depend on your support. No one knows how the future is going to look like and when Molotow will be open again to welcome you all with open arms, cold beer and good music. As most of you know, we don’t base our program on revenue or numbers, we rather put our focus on good music. However, the room for more experimental projects and subcultures is being replaced more and more due to unaffordable rental prices, noise protection regulations or restricted tenancy agreements. We want to keep Molotow alive and save the subculture in Hamburg. With YOUR SUPPORT, we want to give passionate and good musicians a stage and fight against the uniformity in the music industry.

We appreciate every donation and every cent will contribute to keep Molotow alive.
We already survived one evacuation, we had to move our location twice which was only possible with your support. Together, we can survive a pandemic as well! Let’s fight together for Molotow.

Stay healthy, be kind to each other and wash your hands!

Thank you for your support!

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